“I have recommended Bald & Beautiful to all my friends who are also now having treatments. The dark hairs on my lip, chin and neck have been an embarrassment for years. I have tried other methods and nothing has worked anything like this. You really have made a major change to my life.”
Jennifer Saunders- Five Dock

“Unless you are a woman with hair on your face, you’ll never understand what it does to your self esteem to have to shave everyday and know that people can still tell. I had one treatment done. I was told that with more treatments in time, I wouldn’t need to shave anymore. Well, I’d say 90% came off after the first treatment. I haven’t shaved since. I’m going to keep up with my treatments, but I couldn’t be happier.”
Deb Abali- Chiswick

“I am of the era of smothering myself in baby oil and baking in the sun for hours on end. My girlfriends and I would have a competition to see who could get the darkest. If only we had known then what we know now about the damage the sun causes. As a result of my tanning days, I had lots of sunspots on my face, neck and chest.
I figured they were just there forever. Then I learned about photo facials. I was skeptical but thought I would investigate. I called around and ended up booking a consultation with Julie at Bald & Beautiful. I ended up getting a full treatment that day.  I was nervous at first because all my spots went dark and over the next few days they went even darker but then they began to exfoliate off. Even after one treatment I saw a huge difference.
I’ve now had three treatments and my friends and husband said my skin looks amazing. At least three of my friends are now getting VPL’s done. It really works to improve the overall condition of your skin.”
Alicia Antonio- Wareemba

“I have received two treatments for sun damage on my hand. I had really bad brown spots which I was always very conscious about. Now you can hardly see them and I feel so much better about my hands. I’m not embarrassed or shy about them any more. The treatments were fast, efficient and virtually painless. Thank you.”
Rose Hammond- Cabarita

“I was skeptical at first having never tried this type of thing before. However, I have to congratulate Julie from Bald & Beautiful for the genuine care and attention I have received. My back and chest is now smooth and I feel alot more confident and my wife couldn’t believe I was having this treatment but now she’s delighted.”
Joe Halabi- Drummoyne