Hair Reduction


VPL Treatments are very effective for long-term hair reduction. It is a very cost effective hair removal process.VPL hair removal treatments safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin and most importantly is non-invasive.


Hair Reduction

Energist VPL™ has been proven to effectively treat unwanted hair from all parts of the face and body. The Energist VPL™ treatment has been clinically proven to remove hair from all parts of the face and body leaving your skin looking smooth, silky and radiant.

Under arm


Facial Hair

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Back, Shoulders and Stomach

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All of the prices listed are subject to negotiation for multiple areas treated in one

VPL Hair Removal (Women/Men)   VPL Other Areas (Women)
Small Facial Area Under Arms $50
(nose, chin, under lip, upper lip, ears, centre eyebrow, cheeks, forehead/hairline & sides) each $35 Upper or lower arms $100
Combination any two small areas $60 Whole Arms $180
Combination any three small areas $85 Stomach $85
  Tummy Line $35
Larger Facial Area Bikini $55
Back of Neck (men/women) $65 Extended Bikini $85
Front of Neck (men/women) $55 Brazilian $125
Full Face = 3 areas (women) $85 Upper legs (excluding bikini) $300
Full Face = 3 areas (men) $95 Lower Legs $250
Beard = lip, chin, sides & neck (men) $140 Full Legs $400
  Back of thighs $150
   Feet & toes  $35
   Areola  $35
VPL Other Areas (Men)
Under arms $60 Stomach $95
Upper or lower arms $120 Chest & Stomach $190
Whole Arms $200 Chest & Shoulders $160
Upper Arms shoulders $160 Shoulders & full back $340
Shoulders $65 Buttocks $125
Chest $110 Upper Leg $350
Hands $50 Lower Legs $275
Hands & Knuckles $65 Full Legs $500
Half Back (lower or upper) $180 Areola $35
Full Back $295